Bible in 90 Days | Judges 17 – Ruth

Day 19 of 90 wasn’t as much reading as it could have been, because I included the end of Judges chapter 15 and all of Chapter 16 yesterday. I just didn’t want to end the story of Sampson in the middle. Saturday readings (and then blogging) are the most difficult to me. Typically, we as a family, are running a million directions and have so much going on. It is nice to pause and read from my iPhone as we’re going about our day.

Today’s reading finishes off Judges, hits all of Ruth. It was supposed to include the first two chapters of 1 Samuel as well, but I’ll start that tomorrow. Let’s get to it.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Judges 17

So Micah stole some money from his mother. He gave it back to her later. Micah made a shrine and then ordained a levite to be priest. No king. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.

Judges 18

Some men from the tribe of Dan came and stayed with Micah. They end up asking the Levite priest if their upcoming battle will be successful. Later, the men come back and ask the priest to join them. (either you can be a priest to one dude, or you can be a priest to an entire tribe of israel)

Judges 19

This one definitely isn’t flannelgraph material. There’s this Levite living in Ephraim. he had a concubine woman from Bethlehem. Somewhere along the way, they ended up in Gibeah.

They end up in a house of an old man who was the only one hospitable to them. They were in the house when some other men of the city came and try to get the Levite to come out. They want to have sex with HIM. Somehow, he or the man of the house push the concumine woman out the door. They end up raping and killing her.

The Levite takes her home. Then he cuts her up into 12 pieces and sends a piece to each tribe of Israel and asks for them to unite and do something about this crime… against their brothers the Benjaminites.

Judges 20

The people unite (as one) The Benjaminites heard of the pending battle and readied a defense of the city. After some brilliant war time strategy. Only 600 benjaminites escaped and survived.

Judges 21

Sad that one of their brothers would be cut off from Israel. Then inquire of God how they should preserve those who lived. They didn’t want their daughters to become wives of the remaining Benjaminites. God tells them that Jabesh Gilead didn’t come up to fight along side them at Gibeah. Israel was to go and destroy that tribe, but keep virgins as wives for the Benjaminites.

Ruth 1 – 4

In reading the book of Ruth, I find myself. Since Genesis, we’ve been reading about how God had a chosen people and they were His. He went to great measures to show himself to them. But then we come to Ruth the outsider. She is a a Moabite that weds one of Elimelech’s sons. But very soon, she is found to be a widow. Alone with her mother in law and sister in law.

Naomi tries to tell her to just go back home, but Ruth has somehow been impressed enough with the God of Israel, that she knows that there is nothing for her to find anywhere else. If she goes with Naomi, she can experience the love, protection and salvation of God.

And we have Ruth who steps into the story of Israel and gives birth to Obed (via Boaz) Remember that part about leaving some of the harvest so that those who glean around its edges. Boaz sees Ruth. He falls in love with her, but he knows the law says that he can’t redeem her. Really there is another brother of her dead husband who should redeem her and give her a child that would keep the husband’s line… but that doesn’t happen.

God redeems her through Boaz. This outsider, Ruth, becomes one of God’s children. She gives birth to Obed who becomes father of Jesse, who becomes father of David. (ancestor of Jesus)

God is our redeemer too!

Bible in 90 Days | Judges 17 - Ruth

Bible in 90 Days | Judges 17 – Ruth



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