Silly Advertising on Facebook that isn’t ENGLISH!

Ready for another silly facebook advertising post? I speak english. Interestingly, I also read english. I am unable to read other languages. Can you guess where this is going?

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Let’s see if we can figure this one out. Spanish… I think. Google translate tells me that Payasos translates to clown.

Clown, videos and photographs. I don’t have the patience to try the other words. I’m thinking that Disney didn’t approve the use of their characters in this ad, no matter what it is about. Can anyone help me figure this out?

Latin Touch Products

Latin Touch Products

Next… I am guessing that this one isn’t latin. Another spanish one. Looks like, for all your favorite Latino products at the best prices, call this number for Latin Touch Products. Well. I’m not really sure what my favorite Latino products are. Perhaps if I ever come upon a need for one of these products, I will remember this phone number since there is no web URL listed.



Last one for now. I give up. I can’t translate this one. I can’t even go to Google Translate and type this one in.

Our president is there, but then again, Disney characters were used above in another ad… This could be a similar case of image not matching the copy.

I will say that if you click on this ad, the website that you land on is completely in arabic too. I’m not thinking this is relevant to me. Not sure why it is being served to me.



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