Bible in 90 Days | 1 Samuel 16 – 28 : Day 21

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1 Samuel 16

Did God regret making Saul king? The Bible says so. I happen to believe that the Bible is God’s True Word. I’m not sure what the original hebrew says/infers here, but at the end of chapter 15 it says that Samuel grieved over Saul. I wonder if part of God’s regret is seeing how this affected his servant, Samuel. God’s plan isn’t always gonna make sense to us, but we must know that everything happens for His Glory and our Good.

God eventually talks straight with Samuel and asks him how long he will grieve over Saul. He is told to go to Jesse and God will show him who will be King.

Samuel goes, but immediately the elders of the area are on edge. I would be too if I had read the reports about this old prophet dude who cursed the king and chopped a foreign king up to bits. Samuel tells them that he comes in peace. He starts to observe the sons of Jesse… several times he is certain who God will tell him to go annoint, but God keeps saying nope. Not that guy. I don’t look at the outside, I look at the hear.

David is missing from the line up. He’s just a scrub says Jesse. Samuel will not sit until David comes. When Samuel sees him, God tells him that this is His man. The Spirit of God rushed upon David.

1 Samuel 17

Story of David and Goliath. We all probably know it. Here’s a few takeaways from it that I highlighted:

Goliath says, “I defy the ranks of Israel this day, Give me a man…” We already read when Saul was annointed king, that he was “head and shoulders” above the others. He was THE MAN that SHOULD have gone against Goliath  HE was the logical choice. He was also a coward.

David comes on the scene and takes the challenge. He realizes that Goliath has “defied the living God” and that he could be victorious.

You come to me with sword and shield, but I come to you in the Name of the Lord!

1 Samuel 18-20

Jonathan, Sauls son is drawn to David. This is a relationship that is birthed in the trenches of battle. While they haven’t fought side by side together, the bond between them is one of both love and respect. There isn’t anything sexual about this as some have suggested. Jonathan would take a bullet for David (or a spear.) I believe that he sees himself in David, but he also sees God’s hand upon David and knows that the kingdom is his.

Again… God’s actions and plans always result in our good and His Glory.

Saul tries to kill David several times. Jonathan warns him.

1 Samuel 21-23

David flees. Ends up with Ahimelech the priest… who just happens to have the sword of Goliath. In this moment, perhaps David is reminded of God’s hand upon him.

David gains some followers and in fact has 400 men stand beside him. Several times they flee and as Saul continues to pursue him in order to kill him.

1 Samuel 24

David has a first chance to to kill Saul and stop the unrighteous pursuit, but he doesn’t. He spares Saul’s life. Saul says, “you are more righteous than I. You repaid me good whereas I repaid you evil.”

1 Samuel 25

Samuel dies (but not out of the story yet.) David gets a little ticked off at this guy named Nabal who refuses to feed him and his men. He tells his 400 men to strap on your sword! They go with intent to kill Nabal. On the way, Nabal’s wife, Abigail, finds out how angry David is. She goes to him with food and pleads for her “worthless” husband’s life. He accepts her plea and is satisfied that God will take care of Nabal (which he does.) Abigail ultimately becomes one of David’s many wives.

On an aside, all the wives that some of these guys had… Whew. I often wonder what God thought of this too. He allowed it, but his intent for marriage was between one man and one woman.

1 Samuel 26

David had a chance to spare Saul again. He does. Saul realizes his foolishness and sin.

1 Samuel 27

Still, David flees to the Philistines. That must have been interesting going and living among the very people who he fought so many times. Yet, they respected/accepted him and allowed him in.

1 Samuel 28

Saul gets ready for battle against the Philistines. However, before the battle, he consults a medium at Endor. He has her call Samuel’s spirit from the dead (because God will not answer Saul.)

Samuel appears! He reminds Saul that The Lord is doing what He said He would do. Saul’s end is coming. He will be handed over to the Philistines.

God Looks at the Heart

God Looks at the Heart


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