One (of the many) Ways that I have Failed as a Christian

I gotta pull the curtain back on something that I know is indicative of the failure that I have been as a christian.

I don’t pray for our President and his family enough.

(Side Note: I wrote most of this post this morning before any of the tweet wars started between folks I follow on twitter (looking at you @shaunking and @PastorMark)

Today is the inauguration, well at least the one done for show. I definitely don’t agree with many of the policies and stances that Barak Obama fights for, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t daily pray for the man and his family. We can’t begin to imagine what they go through on a moment by moment basis. The simple things that they gave up to follow their dreams is admirable.

While I believe there could be another who would lead our country better, they are in the spotlight at the moment for the next four years, and they deserve our prayers. By the way, whether you believe him to be a Christ follower or not, that does not free you from the responsibility to pray for him and his family (same would have applied for Romney.)

( Credit: Pete Souza

( Credit: Pete Souza

Is he more important than others? No. But the influence that he yields and the following that he has…we should plead that God would reveal Himself to Barak, and that Barak could be used to return this nation to God and the Word.

Everything you hear about politics is that they (politicians) aren’t working together and that there needs to be a coming together so that we can move forward as a nation. But true unity only comes from all of us (democrats, republicans, other) coming together with the Creator of the cosmos and the Savior of our sins. Together we can move forward.

Pray. Without Ceasing.

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