Bible in 90 Days | 1 Samuel 29 – 2 Samuel 12 : Day 22

At this very moment, I have a splitting headache. It started a couple hours ago. It has gotten a little better, but it is still there. Frankly, the last thing that I want to do at the moment is stare at the screen and type out thoughts from today’s #Biblein90 reading. However, yesterday was the so far the single best day so far on this blog for readership. Of course, I am not talking about huge numbers, but I am excited to see the readership increase. Now we have 5 readers 🙂

Alright, where are we… Saul just met with the dead spirit of Samuel and David is still somewhat on the run hiding out from the crazy old king.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

1 Samuel 29

David has found himself on the side of the Philistines, however before going into battle, some of the elder Philistines want no part of him. They want Achish to send David away, lest he turn on them during the battle. David complains saying that there has been no proof or sign that he would do such a thing. Either way, Achish does send him away.

1 Samuel 30

David and his men return to Ziklag to find out their city has been burned and their wives and children have been captured. David asks God if he should pursue the enemy. God tells him that yes, he should pursue, because he will rescue the taken.

They pursue and kill all. No one escaped. He rescued their people and also took spoils from the Amalekites.

1 Samuel 31

Jonathan and Saul are killed in battle by the Philistines… well, Saul actually asked his armor bearer to kill him before the Philistines did so. His armor bearer refused, so Saul killed himself. His armor bearer killed himself too. The Philistines find the body of Saul and cut off his head and parade around with his head and armor.

2 Samuel 1

David learns that Saul and Jonathan are dead. David mourns their death, which is ironic because he must know the prophecy that had now been fulfilled that meant that he would be king.

2 Samuel 2 – 4

The next few chapters deal with David and Ish-bosheth each claiming to be king and their struggle with each other. David has been annointed king by God, Ish-bosheth, one of Saul’s sons is made king based upon family line. In chapter 4, Ish-bosheth is killed. David even avenges this death saying that he was unrighteously killed.

2 Samuel 5

David is finally appointed king over Israel. David became greater and greater because the Lord was with him. David defeats the Philistines but realizes that God was the one who did the fighting. Ever the poet that David was, he said that “The Lord has burst through my enemies before me liks a bursting flood.”

2 Samuel 6

David brings the ark to Jerusalem. He dances before it. Apparently he wasn’t wearing much clothing and was quite the spectacle, because his wife Michal chastises him for his actions. David tells her, “I will make merry before the Lord. I will be more contemptible than this!”

2 Samuel 7

God tells His prophet, Nathan to go to David. He is to remind David of all that God has done. God wants to establish David. God promises to establish a throne and a kingdom forever through David.

David simply replies, “who am I?” He says how great God is. There are none like Him. He promises to build a house for God.

2 Samuel 8 – 10

David defeats many nations around Israel and they enjoy peace.

Jonathan had a lame son named Mephibosheth. Because of their friendship, David restores land to Mephibosheth in memory and honor of Jonathan.

2 Samuel 11

The story of David and Bathsheba shows a tragic lack of judgement and failure as a man for David. His flesh fails. He should have been out leading his people in battle, yet he remained at Jerusalem. (verse 1)

He gets Bathsheba pregnant. Doh.

He devises a plan to send her husband Uriah into the front lines of battle to be killed after Uriah doesn’t play along with David’s plan that would try to hide David’s sin.

David gets another wife.

2 Samuel 12

Nathan is sent by God to David to make the sin public and to let him know that God sees and knows all.

“You did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun.” This stark warning and judgement from God tells David that the child born from Bathsheba, a son, will die. David fasts and prays that God would stay the judgement, but judgement comes.

David and Bathsheba have another son, named Solomon, whom God loves.


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