Bible in 90 Days | 2 Samuel 13 – 24 : Day 23

Wow. Today’s reading really isn’t inspiring. If you really sit back and look at David’s life, you wonder how he was able to remain as positive as he was. How was he able to pen so many poems and psalms about God.

Solomon has been born. God loves him. He’ll be more a part of the story later, but first we have to deal with some of David’s other children.

I’m gonna go ahead and add two more chapters to today’s standard reading so that I can finish up 2 Samuel today. That way I am not in an odd starting point for tomorrow’s reading.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

2 Samuel 13

I guess part of the problem (or at least the consequences) David has with having so many wives are his children. In this chapter we meet Ammon, Tamar and Absalom (among others.) Ammon is in love lust with his half sister, Tamar… only he says that he knows that there is no future for his love. He got some unwise peer pressure from a friend of his, Jonadab, who gives him some advice on how to get alone with her… so that he could act upon his lusts. He rapes her. It isn’t a pretty scene. He then, immediately, casts her out. Wants nothing to do with her.

David heard about the whole thing, but is impotent. Does nothing about it.

Absalom, Tamar’s brother, avenges her honor and kills Amnon. He then flees to Geshur so that he can escape wrath of his own… namely judgement and wrath from David.

2 Samuel 14

Joab, an advisor and friend of King David creates a plan to send a woman to David that would persuade (through some of his own trickery) David to allow Absalom to return home. This plan works, but he refuses to see Absalom.

2 Samuel 15

Here we begin to see the fracture of the people of Israel and can begin to see how they will split off from Judah. Absalom leaves again, but this time he “steals the hearts” of some of the men of Israel. They want him to lead after David is out of the picture. David sees that he is now the mark of some of the people. He flees into hiding.

2 Samuel 16 – 17

The next few chapters involve pursuit and more fleeing. Eventually Absalom returns to Jerusalem. Sleeps with some of his dads wives and concubine. We see friends on both sides telling father and son what they should do. It is obvious that David cares for Absalom and is not going to cause him harm.

2 Samuel 18

Absalom is killed… not by force but by getting hung in a tree. Literally. The donkey he was riding went under a branch, and Absalom gets his head “caught fast” in two branches.

David is told of the death of his son, and he grieves. “O my son Absalom. Would I had died instead of you!” cries David.

2 Samuel 19

Joab rebukes David for his mourning and for “hating those who love you and loving those who hate you.”

David returns to Jerusalem and to power. He pardons a whole bunch of people and refuses to let any other death be had.

2 Samuel 20

This crazy dude named Sheba plots to lead the people of Israel against David. Joab catches wind of it and pursues him. Sheba tries to hide out in the city of Abel. A woman in the city promises to kill Sheba and toss his head over the wall. Joab left the city alone.

2 Samuel 21

David makes atonement for some of Saul’s actions to the Gibeonites. He sends them 7 of Saul’s sons to be killed as that atonement. He does not send Mephibosheth because of his friendship with Jonathan.

Also, there is another war with the Philistines. And there is this one guy “of great stature” with 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot. Jonathan, son of Shimei kills him. Relevant? Meh. Interesting? sure.

2 Samuel 22

Perhaps the best takeaway from all of the book. David shows how he has been delivered by God. Listen to some of these descriptions of God:

Rock, Fortress, Refuge, Stronghold, Worthy of praise, Support, Rescuer, Judge.

“You save a humble people, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them down.”

His way is perfect.

The word of the Lord proves true.

The Lord Lives!

2 Samuel 23

This chapter recounts those men who are “David’s Mighty Men.”

2 Samuel 24

The Lord brings judgement on David’s sin. He gives David the option to decide what will be the judgement. David wants God to do what God wants to do. God is gonna give three days of pestilence in the land, but before he can destroy more… God stays the hand of judgement saying “It is enough.”

David builds an alter at the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. He buys the floor and will not take it for free from Araunah. He says, “I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing.” That is something for us all to think about. What are the costs of our worship and offerings. If nothing, than perhaps we shouldn’t even bring them to him.

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