Bible in 90 Days | 1 Kings 1-7 : Day 24

Oops. I just realized that my post from yesterday said day 22, but in fact it should have been 23. I corrected it. Today on day 24, I get to start the first book of Kings.

David is gonna die. Solomon his son will become king. Later the nation of Israel will split and some will follow one of Solomon’s sons, while the other tribe will follow another.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

1 Kings 1

First of all, why is it important that the writer of Kings thought it necessary to tell us that as David got older, he couldn’t keep warm… so they found a “beautiful young woman” Abishag to come and lie with him and help keep him warm. No hanky panky, just body warmth. Didn’t he have enough wives and concubines that he probably could have used one of them? Why employ another woman… and WHY document it in the Bible.

Well check this out: there is a stack exchange devoted to hermeneutics! Very interesting discussion here about this topic.

So David is soon gonna die, so this Adonijah begins to act like he will become the next king. When David hears of this (through Bathsheba), he summons Nathan and tells them all that Solomon should be the next king.

King Solomon promises not to hurt Adonijah IF he shows himself as a worthy man. We’ll see.

1 Kings 2

David calls Solomon to him (David knows that he will soon die.) He charges Solomon to keep God’s commandments and that God would prosper him.

David lets Solomon know which people should be avenged and which should be spared. Adonijah goes to Bathsheba and asks that she ask her son and king if Abishag could be given to him in marriage. Well, this is the case study of ANTI worthy. Solomon killed him that day.

He also killed some others. Several others.

1 Kings 3 – 4

This is the chapter that most people look to when they describe Solomon as being wise. First of all, God appears to Solomon and asks, “What shall I give you?”

Solomon responds that he wants an understanding mind… discernment… wisdom. This pleased God that he did not ask for long life or riches, so God gave him those too.

Solomon gets to test out his wisdom when two women appear before him. There is a dispute about who is the mom of a baby. This is a good example of how people from all over would come to Solomon for hear his wisdom.

1 Kings 5

Solomon begins to prepare to build the house of God. He starts out with assembling the necessary materials that he would need.

1 Kings 6 – 7

Solomon does build the temple. Grand. Ornate. Bronze and Gold everywhere. He also builds his palace.

Solomon begins to bring items that his father, David had dedicated and assembled that would eventually be brought to the temple.



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