Bible in 90 Days | 2 Kings 5 – 2 Kings 15 : Day 27

Time is ticking away on the day. Let’s see if I can get this post finished before bedtime.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

2 Kings 5

A leper named Naaman comes to Elisha and asks to be healed. Elisha tells Naaman to wash in the Jordan 7 times. Initially, Naaman is mad at this prescription for healing, but thankfully some friends of his sets him straight and tells him that it isn’t difficult thing for him to do. He is cleaned. Gehazi is punished with leprosy.

2 Kings 6

Floating Iron Axe Head! Cool.

Syria goes to war against Israel. That’s when God shows up. Elisha prays that the eyes of a servant could be opened to see the angels of the Lord. Behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire! Cool.

2 Kings 7

Elisha prophesies that a famine will end.

2 Kings 8

Jehoram ruled Judah and did evil. Ahaziah ruled and did evil

2 Kings 9 – 10

Jehu is annointed king of Israel. He executes jezebel and Ahabs descendants. This fulfills God’s promise for judgement to come on the son of Ahab. Jehu kills prophets of Baal. He then rules Israel. He actually made the house of Baal into a Latrine!

2 Kings 11 – 12

Athaliah is king in Judah, but not for long because he is killed so that Joash can become king. He followed the Lord and did what was right. He was killed, however, by his servants. Jehoash becomes king.

2 Kings 13

Jehoahaz is king in Israel. He does good. It says that he SOUGHT the favor of the Lord. Perhaps we should instead of just doing good, actually work towards getting God’s favor.

Elisha dies.

2 Kings 14

Amaziah is king in Judah. He followed God, but did not totally remove foreign gods. Jeroboam II is king in Israel. He did evil in the sight of the lord. Interesting that this chapter mentions Jonah (of the fish story.) Historical documentation meets reference to someone who some think is not real.

2 Kings 15

Azariah is king in Judah. He followed God. Zechariah is king in Israel Shallum is king in Israel. Menahem is king in Israel. Pekahiah is king in Israel. Pekah is king in israel. All these guys did evil and did not follow God.


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