What is the Best Money You Ever Spent in Your Life?

This past weekend I was at a Motorcycle Show manning a Howard Brothers booth. It was actually one of the more interesting weekends I have had in a while. I am most definitely a people watcher. I guess that is why some of the more crazy reality TV shows that are on right now are saved as season passes on my Tivo. There’s just something interesting about observing other sub-cultures that I definitely don’t fit into.

At Howard’s we sell, Handy Lift Tables. They are typically marketed to motorcycle folks. They are air driven tables that lift the motorcycle up in the air so that if you’re working on them, you don’t have to get down on your knees to do so. However, we sell them to landscapers generally. In fact, our mechanics at all our stores use them daily. They’re great and they are american made. Perfect for the Motorcycle show.

Two guys were chatting about them on Saturday. One said to the other, “Man, that was the best money I ever spent in my life getting one of those…” He went on talking to his friend about how much better his work environment.

I heard him say it as they were walking away and it made me think about the fact that at other shows we have been to, I have heard the same words spoken about another product we sell. You see, we are a dealer of Big Green Egg products in our Duluth and Oakwood stores. (Yeah, forgive the blatantly obvious SEO anchor text links there)

I’ve heard guys talk over and over about how much they love their Egg. I know I have heard multiple times talk about them being the “best money I ever spent in my life.”


It caught me off guard hearing these guys talk about the lift the same way. I actually thought about walking up to the guy and ask him what kind of grill he has, if he even had one. But I am certain that he was 100% genuine about the statement. It was one of those situations where as a marketer, if I had a camera on him, it would make a great testimony about the products abilities.

So, here’s food for thought… What is the best money you ever spent in your life? I was just curious about the type of responses we’d see.

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