Bible in 90 Days | 1 Chronicles 1 – 9 : Day 29

Well, I should be enjoying a day off of the Bible in 90 plan on YouVersion, but I got behind this past week by one day, so I am having to make up the day today.

I read somewhere that Chronicles is probably written by Ezra. It is a review everything up until this point so that the nation of Israel is reminded of where they came from. Probably written as the exile from Babylon is beginning to end.

These first 9 chapters act aren’t packed with great theology. It does act as a good reminder about all the key players that have been mentioned in the previous 11 books.

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1 Chronicles 1

Israel’s family tree is detailed from Adam. We see the branches of Noah’s kids. The Shem branch is where Abraham and Issac came.

1 Chronicles 2

The family of Jacob is detailed. Includes Boaz (Ruth) Obed, Jesse, David.

This chapter also shows the family line of Caleb.

1 Chronicles 3

David’s kids. Including Solomon.

1 Chronicles 4

The rest of the sons of Judah

1 Chronicles 5

The family of Reuben

1 Chronicles 6

The family of Levi.

Very interesting that David’s Worship Leaders are listed here. Worship had an important place.

1 Chronicles 7

Issachar’s family listed. Also Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher

1 Chronicles 8

The family of Benjamin is listed.

1 Chronicles 9

All these families were exiled because of their unbelieving and disobedient lives. However, they begin to return to Jerusalem by the family of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh. Priests and Levites were there too.



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