Bible in 90 Days | 1 Chronicles 10 – 23 : Day 31

Today starts the second third of my Bible in 90 day reading plan. The second third should finish off the old testament. At this point in time, I’m ready to get to the new testament.

One thing that I have taken away from the read thus far is how the other

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

1 Chronicles 10

Saul and his sons died at the hand of the Philistines. The writer says that Saul died because of his breach of faith. The kingdom is handed over to David.

1 Chronicles 11

David is king. He takes back Jerusalem. David’s mighty men are listed.

1 Chronicles 12

Many people followed David and fought along side him.

1 Chronicles 13

The ark is brought from Kiriath-Jearim. David rejoiced and danced when it arrived.

1 Chronicles 14

More of David’s wives and children are listed. More wars happen with the Philistines. They are defeated.

1 Chronicles 15 – 16

The ark comes to Jerusalem. Musicians are appointed to play loudly and raise sounds of joy. I wonder if they argued about traditional vs contemporary music style.

1 Chronicles 17

God makes a covenant with David. The prophet Nathan tells him to “Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you.” We all need to be reminded of this. What would we do if we knew we would not fail. Those are big words for big dreams. God does tell David, that it will be his son, that will build God’s house.

David responds how we all should, “Who am I?” David’s prayer here is one that we should memorize and remember.

1 Chronicles 18 – 20

David defeats many of the nations around israel.

1 Chronicles 21

Satan (is this the first mention of him since Genesis… I’m not sure that I remember seeing it anywhere else… interesting) Satan incited David to take a census. Not really sure why this angers God (except for David obviously listening to Satan in the first place.) God sends a pestilence that kills many. David builds an altar to God.

1 Chronicles 22

David collects materials for the Temple and gives them to his son, Solomon. he instructs his son how to create the temple.

1 Chronicles 23 – 24

David organizes the levites.  They are to keep charge of the tent of meeting and the sanctuary.

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