Bible in 90 Days | 2 Chronicles 24 – 36 : Day 34

Another day behind…Kings and Chronicles seems like it just goes on and on and on. I probably could sum up these 11 chapters by saying… some of the kings of Judah followed God. When they did follow him, He blessed the nation. The other kings did not follow God. The result of their disobedience was punishment.

Thankfully, I know that Ezra and Nehemiah are just around the corner. Nehemiah is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Can’t wait to get there.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

2 Chronicles 24

Joash became king when he was 7 years old. Of course he had leaders who led while he was a child. Jehoaida the priest must have been a very important figure in his life growing up. However, after Jehoaida died, Joash did the unthinkable by killing Jehoaida’s son. This dooms Joash’s reign. He is assassinated.

2 Chronicles 25

Amaziah reigned. He did mostly right in God’s eye. But he started worshipping idols. Israel ends up in war with Judah and defeats them. Thus ending Amaziah’s rule.

2 Chronicles 26

Uzziah becomes king. He worshipped God… a little too much in fact and entered the altar and burned some incense. Showing a lack of reverence and respect for God and His commands. He was punished with leprosy.

2 Chronicles 27

Jotham became king. He obeyed God.

2 Chronicles 28

Ahaz becomes king… he is the first in a while who just abandons God. He worshipped the Baals, sacrificed to other Gods… and Judah was defeated because of it. He actually shut God’s Temple up. Doh.

2 Chronicles 29 – 32

Hezekiah becomes king. He returns the throne to following God. He cleans up the temple and gets rid of some of the idols of Ahaz. He does encounter God’s wrath later in life and God is about to kill him, but Hezekiah repents and God responds by not punishing him, but another generation.

2 Chronicles 33

Manasseh and Amon become kings. Both do evil.

2 Chronicles 34 – 35

Josiah becomes king. He rediscovers the Word. Totally cleans house, but God is not going to remove wrath from Judah for past sins.

Later Josiah goes out to fight the king of Egypt, Neco. Josiah was warned not to fight Neco. Josiah is killed. Jeremiah laments over the death. oh yeah… lamentations is coming 🙁

2 Chronicles 36

Several kings rule before Nebuchadnezzar takes Judah captive 70 years. Last of book is the proclamation from King Cyrus to “All Who belong of God’s People” to reutn to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple.


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