Bible in 90 Days | Job 25 – 42: Day 39

Continuing the story of Job today.

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Job 25 – 27

Bildad argues that man can not be righteous. He actually says that creation itself is not pure in God’s sight. Job replies that the power of God is greater than creation. Creation obeys his word. Because of all this, Job says he will maintain his integrity and hold fast to righteousness.

Job 28

Job argues that wisdom like the wisdom he is seeking… and that they are discussing isn’t easily found. It is sought out. It is like going after precious silver and gold. Like mining for iron and copper. Like precious stones. God knows where wisdom is and indeed he has told man, “the fear of the lord, that is wisdom. Turning away from evil is understanding.”

Job 29 – 30

Job remembers days in the past when perhaps he was closer to God. Wiser. People respected him because of his place in life and the way he walked, but now they spit on him and abhor him. God “Loosed my cord and humbled me.” Job cries out to God and no answers come. Songs have turned to mourning and tears.

Job 31

Now Job takes it up a notch and begins to demand that God answer him. He lays his life bare and goes silent in wait for God’s reply.

Job 32 – 35

But first a new person steps into the picture. Elihu, a younger man, rebukes Job and the three friends. He argues that the friends should be more wise than the wisdom they have spewed. He rebukes Job by saying that God’s ways are greater than man. God does answer although men sometimes are unable to understand the message.

Elihu continues to tell Job, that he will teach Job wisdom. He says, “Far be it from God that he should do wickedness and that the Almighty should do wrong.” God’s eyes are always on man. He sees all our actions.

Elihu presses further on Job telling him that asking for God to answer is prideful. God will answer when the pride of evil man is gone. Job must wait.

Job 36 – 37

Elihu now shifts the focus from Job and the friends to the greatness of God. He is mighty. Mighty in strength and understanding. His work is great. His ways are unsearchable. He tells Job to stop and consider the wondrous works of God.

Job 38 – 39

God answers… well, God speaks and He ends up asking the questions:

  • Job, were you there when the foundations of earth were laid?
  • Did you determine the measurements of its base?
  • Did you see who shut in the sea and prescribed its limits?
  • Have you commanded the morning since days began?
  • Do you comprehend the expanse of the earth, surely you do?
  • Where does light and darkness dwell?
  • What about the storehouses of snow, where are they?
  • Can you send forth rain, ice, lightning?
  • Can you satisfy the needs of all the animals, like lions and ravens?
  • Do you observe the lives of all the animals? Their births, their wanderings, their death?
  • Is it your understanding that makes hawks soar?

Job 40 – 41

God asks shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty?

Job answers… and promises that he will speak no further.

God jumps back into questioning Job again. The Bible says that God answers Job out of a whirlwind… I bet.

Job 42

Job answers God. He repents. God rebukes Job’s friends for their words against Job and God. Job’s fortunes are restored. Job was more blessed in his latter days than in his beginning.

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