I just added 598 posts to this blog

So… I did it.

I officially turned off www.andydarnell.com temporarily while I do some construction over there.

I had to do something with the content. I had 598 posts, 3+ years of content, that I needed to do something with. It was a difficult decision that I was struggling with.

If I wanted to do it theĀ right way then I would go through the best practice process of heading over to google webmaster tools and set the content as permanently moved to this domain. I probably will still do that, but the more important thing in this case was to just do it. Move the content, remove it from the old domain, and proceed with breaking ground on a new personal branding theme over there.

My goal is to use the other domain to highlight several projects that I have going on and various places that I either write for or work with.

All this means is that there are 598 posts now over here that you may or may not have ever read. Check them out. I may highlight some that were more popular or ones that I particularly liked.

New Menu Item

New Menu Item

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