Bible in 90 Days | Isaiah 29 – 41 : Day 52

More Isaiah. Yeah, I’m ready for some minor prophets.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Isaiah 29

The Lord, who redeemed Abraham, will redeem Jacob. No longer will they be ashamed. They will sanctify his name. They will stand in Awe of God.

Isaiah 30 – 31

Woe to rebellious people, but even so, God will be gracious. He will wait and show mercy… and when you do cry out, as soon as he hears it, he will come to you.

Isaiah 32 – 33

“I will arise,” says the LORD. You will see the king in his beauty.

The Lord is our judge. The Lord is our lawgiver. The Lord is our king. He will save us.

Isaiah 34

God has a day of vengeance prepared. Judgement on the nations is nearing.

Isaiah 35

God’s ransomed shall return with joy and singing. The blind will see. The deaf will hear. The lame will leap. The mute will sing.

Isaiah 36 – 37

Assyria invades Judah and Hezekiah seeks help from Isaiah. Hezekiah prays for help from God, and God does help by striking down the assyrians

Isaiah 38

This is a retelling of the story from Chronicles that tells of Hezekiah being sick unto death. He pleas to God for healing. God hears his prayer and adds 15 years to his life. He gives Hezekiah a sign that this will in fact be the case by turning back time!

Isaiah 39

Isaiah warns that Judah and all their possessions will be taken by Babylon.

Isaiah 40

A voice cries in the wilderness saying “prepare the way of the Lord!” He is the everlasting God. He will tend his flock like a shepherd. He will gather them in his arms.

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 41

I, the Lord, the first and the last. I am he. I have chosen you and not cast you off. God holds us in his right hand. I will give a messenger of good news.



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