Bible in 90 Days | Jeremiah 11-23 : Day 56

Day 2 of Jeremiah and Day 56 of Bible through 90 read.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Jeremiah 11

This is a weird chapter. God through Jeremiah says that the punishment is gonna be so final that others shouldn’t even pray for them who are being punished.

Jeremiah 12

Yet in this chapter, Jeremiah questions God. He asks why the wicked seem to prosper all the time. God allows fruit to be produced from their wickedness. God answers Jeremiah and tells him that ultimate judgement is what will come to those who are wicked. However, if they come to Him, we will take them in.

Jeremiah 13 – 14

God compares his people to a ruined/spoiled/rotted loincloth. They are good for nothing. Because they are now good for nothing, they will be sent into exile. They will experience famine and death.

Jeremiah 15 – 16

God again tells Jeremiah that he will not relent against His people. Jeremiah cries out to God and God assures him that he will be ok and delivered. Even after the famine and death that they will experience, God will restore the nation of Israel.

Jeremiah 17

God reminds the people to keep the Sabbath holy. (personal thoughts: I need to do a better job of carving out that sabbath time. Time to rest in the Lord and recharge for his work.)

Jeremiah 18

God is the father, and we are the clay. He makes us, shapes us, forms us how he wants to. We can not tell him to form us this way or that… it is his design.

Jeremiah 19

God compares his people to a smashed/broken jar that has no use. It can not hold liquid, and likewise His people can not serve their purpose.

Jeremiah 20

Jeremiah is persecuted and mocked by Pashhur ( a priest, who probably should have been more in-tuned with what God was preparing to do.

Jeremiah 21 – 22

Jeremiah delivers the message that Nebuchadnezzar will defeat/destroy Jerusalem with fire and take the people exile.

Jeremiah 23

After they are scattered, God will gather his flock again. He will raise up for David a “righteous branch.” A king will deal wisely and execute justice and righteousness in the land.


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