Bible in 90 Days | Jeremiah 24-33 : Day 57

Jeremiah continues. He continues to tell the people that doom is coming. He continues to grieve the coming doom. The people still don’t get it.

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Jeremiah 24

There will be good figs and bad figs. The good figs will continue to ave God’s eyes upon them. He will bring them back and will replant them. He will give them a heart that knows that He is Lord.

The bad figs are good for nothing.

Jeremiah 25

The captivity in Babylon will be 70 years. God’s wrath will pierce those who disobey him.

Jeremiah 26

Jeremiah is threatened by some of the priests and leaders of Israel. They want to kill him. He pleads his case that he is bring a message from the Lord. They realize that Jeremiah is like one of the many prophets who have come before and tried to warn the people of their sin and disobedience. They spare his life.

Jeremiah 27

God’s sovereignty is reminded. He tells the people that they will serve Nebuchadezzar (his instrument at the moment) He tells them not to listen to “prophets” who are teaching a quick/easy punishment. They do not hear from God.

Jeremiah 28

Hananiah is one of those false prophets. He is shown to all as false and dies.

Jeremiah 29

Jeremiah sends a message to the exiles. Assuring them that they will return to Jerusalem after 70 years. God has plans for them and us. Plans to keep us from harm.

Jeremiah 30

Jeremiah is told to write all these prophecies in a book. He does. God wants there to be a word left for those who will return to him. He will heal them and be their God.

Jeremiah 31 – 32

The mourning that the nation of israel will experience will be turned to joy. The weeping and crying will yield reward for their work. A new covenant is coming. This will put the law on their hearts. He will be their God. They will be His people.

Jeremiah 33

The Lord says: “I will tell you great things. I will bring healing to the land. David will never lack a son on the throne of Israel.” Promises will be fulfilled. Justice will be executed. Judah will be saved. Peace will reign.


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