Bible in 90 Days | Jeremiah 34-52 : Day 58 and 59

So… more Jeremiah today. In fact, I think I’ll go ahead and finish days 58 and 59 here so that I can try to get caught up and finish the book. Besides, can’t wait to get into Lamentations 🙂

Randomness here: What did Three Dog Night mean about Jeremiah being a bullfrog? And why did they sing about joy in the fishes?

Moving on.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Jeremiah 34

Jeremiah goes and tells the king (Zedekiah) that Babylon will take the city. They won’t escape. He says that because they haven’t proclaimed liberty to slaves at the end of 7 years, they will experience captivity and being ruled by another.

Jeremiah 35 – 37

Jeremiah continues to speak of the disaster that is coming because of disobedience.


Jeremiah 38

Jeremiah is arrested and thrown into a cistern because of his prophecies. There was no water in the cistern. Only mud. Ebed-melech (an ethiopian) goes to the king and is granted opportunity to rescue Jeremiah. Jeremiah is released, but goes right back to warning the king of pending doom.

Jeremiah 39

The prophecies come true. Jerusalem is besieged by Babylong. King Nebuchadnezzar tells his army and guards to protect Jeremiah from harm. The Lord delivers.

Jeremiah 40 – 42

Jeremiah is sent by Nebuchadnezzar to Gedaliah who is temporarily in charge. Gedaliah is killed by Ishmael.

The people want to flee to Egypt. They ask Jeremiah to pray for them. He tells them that the Lord will protect them only if they stay away from Egypt. They are told not to fear Babylon.

Jeremiah 43

They don’t listen. They go anyway. They think that Jeremiah is lying. He is taken with them.

Jeremiah 44

God’s wrath is angered. He “cuts them off” and judgement will come upon them. Instead of safety among the Babylonians, they will be punished immediately.

Jeremiah 45

When Baruch wrote these words, the Lord said to him: I am going to break what I have built. Do not seek great things for yourself.

Jeremiah 46 – 52

Jeremiah announces God’s  judgement upon Egypt, the Phillastines, Moab, Ammon, Damascus, Kedar and Hazor and Babylon. Even though these nations and people played various roles in the judgement of Judah, God does not let them get away with their sin. He has to be just. They must play the penalty for their idolatry and disobedience.




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