Bible in 90 Days | Lamentations – Ezekiel 14 : Day 61

Perhaps part of my funk that I have been in lately can be directly tied to reading these last few books of the Bible. It sure does drag on like a funeral. Not a real celebration of how the people of God have followed Him when they should. It is good for us to be on this side of the cross. We know what redemption looked like and when it came, but it still is tough reading about all this judgement that God’s people were going to and were experiencing.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Lamentations 1

Jeremiah (I assume he is the writer of Lamentations) is mourning as he looks down upon the city that used to be God’s treasure. Even in their sin, the broken lives of people were there. They themselves were evidence of God’s work. They were brought through so much to get to where they were. Even though they are in exile, Jeremiah mourns their absence.

They were taken slave again by another foreign nation. But the Lord was right to do it.

Lamentations 2

Mercy and wrath collided at once. Fierce anger was purposed.

Lamentations 3

Yet the steadfast love of the Lord NEVER ceases. His mercies never end. They are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. WE can hope in Him. He is our portion. He is GOOD to those who wait and seek upon Him.

He hears us from the deepest pit. He is near when we call. He takes up our cause and redeems our lives.


Lamentations 4 – 5

Or punishment will come to an end when we repent and he remembers us.

Restore us to yourself, O Lord that we may be restored.

Ezekiel 1

It must have been differently interesting to be a prophet for the people of God while also being in exile itself.

Anyway, he talks about seing visions of God. Odd vision of seeing wheels and wheels inside of wheels, however basically he says that he saw that the spirit went where ever it wanted to go. No limitations. This vision is very similar to what John saw in his vision that is recalled in Revelation.

Ezekiel 2

Ezekiel is called to go to the people and tell them God’s word. Whether they listen or refuse to listen.

Ezekiel 3

He eats the scroll that contains the message that God wants him to tell. He goes to the people and announces that he has been made a watchman for the house of Israel. Calling them from sin.

Ezekiel 4 – 5

Jerusalem will be destroyed and it is vividly described

Ezekiel 6 – 7

The idolatry of the people of Israel is being judged and the wrath of the Lord is told. According to their judgements, God judges them… so that they will KNOW that he is the Lord.

Ezekiel 8

The temple which is God’s house has become an abomination. I guess this is something for us to remember. Too many places we worship God have become such, but also our lives are where we should worship without ceasing, and I know that I am at times not worthy of worshiping Him. I come to Him dirty and an abomination. Even though I have salvation that is eternal,  I need to constantly repent of my fleshly failure.

My body is the temple now.

Ezekiel 9

Idolaters are killed. Guilt has consequences.

Ezekiel 10

The glory of the Lord leaves the temple because of the dirty state it is in. Again, need to remember the cobwebs and dirt that is in my life. Even though he won’t fully leave me, I need to keep the temple in order.

Ezekiel 11

Evil men plot against the Lord and have plans for their wickedness… but God sees it. He can change their hearts.

Ezekiel 12

God’s words will not be delayed. He will perform what he says.

Ezekiel 13 – 14

False prophets and idol worshipping elders who should know better are given warning and are condemned. They utter lies and false visions. They misled God’s people. He will break them down. God will deliver His people from their hands. I guess that this serves also to remind Ezekiel to speak the truth and only it to the people. That is an interesting thought… How do false prophets get there? Do they start out 100% false, or is it enough truth that allows people to listen to them… and then it goes crazy from there.

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