Bible in 90 #Fail.

Well… I failed. No chance of getting back to finishing this thing in 90 days. Stinks too, because I had great momentum. Very aggressive schedule and ambitious goal of writing my way through the 66 books of the Bible.

And I stalled out on day 66.


biblein90I really wanted to finish it up by my birthday, which is April 5. That still gives me a few weeks to make an attempt to finish it up, but I really don’t see the chance of making it happen. With all the things that I have going on personally and job wise, I think this Bible in 90 is gonna turn into Bible in 120!

That being said, I am encouraged to start back. Get it going again. I am certain that much of the funk that I have been in recently is directly tied to the fact that I have neglected my daily quiet time. God knows so much better than we do. He wants us to find time to sabbath in Him. Pause and rest in Him.

Those of you who were following (all 4 of you) I hope that you come back. I hope that you have been keeping with it while I haven’t.

I’m excited to finish up the old testament. In reality, I only have a handful of days remaining. Time to get started again and cruise to the end.



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