Love / Hate Relationship with Social Media during Tragedies

The bombing in Boston today during the Boston Marathon, remind me why I both love and hate social media at the same time during world events. Here are some random thoughts in no particular order.

Love / Hate by @gapingvoid

Love / Hate by @gapingvoid

  • I love that within minutes of the bombing, I saw tweets letting me know that an incident had occured. Long before CNN or Fox News had placed a banner on their websites, I was seeing pictures and reports from the ground. As a man of faith in a Sovereign God, I immediately am able to pray for the situation. I know in those moments that thousands of people like me are getting the news at the same time and are crying out to God in one voice for peace, understanding and strength for those who need it.
  • I hate that everyone feels like they have to make a news worthy sound bite. Actually everyone feels that they have to clarify in less than 140 characters that catchy tweet, in hopes that it will be retweeted over and over again.
  • I love that information is so quickly available. I love to see the first responders and the officials who are in charge of the situation take to social media to get the message out. Immediately there was information on how to contact… who to contact… what to do… where to go. This is why I tend to follow cities, hotels, vacation spots on social media before we go somewhere. I expect it now. I am giving you permission to do marketing to me… but I am also expecting that relevant information that I have to know, gets to me.
  • I hate that information is often so poor on social media. Well, I guess I should clarify that it is poor everywhere. I was rolling my eyes this afternoon at the moron that CNN had on who immediately is saying that all the signs point to al-qaeda. What? Really. She came back after the commercial break to say… Don’t rule out that this was home grown. Barf. If Tiger Woods can have a random person call into the Augusta Masters Rules Officials and call them out on a missed penalty… Why can’t we do that too?
  • I love the fact that I can call out morons like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • I hate the fact that if I do call out morons like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph too soon… that someone else will call me out on trying to be political and pushing an agenda.
  • I love that many companies throw together an update that shows their thoughts and supports are with the situation.
  • I hate that many companies forget to cancel their scheduled updates and in the middle of “bomb, prayers, marathon, she’s safe, prayers, bomb…” you get a “Want to see the next Hunger Games Trailer? Click Here”
  • I love that hashtags exist so that I can quickly follow a variety of updates to a specific topic. I can quickly filter the good and bad.
  • I hate that every comment is politicized at some point. We can’t have valid conversations because even though you try your best to thin the snarkiness from the update, someone fires back with hate, bigotry or agenda of their own.  (See #Benghazi or #Gosnell on this one) While I would not bring up these subjects so soon after we’ve had a terror attack… just because someone does, does not mean that the conversation should be struck from the record and ignored.
  • I love some memes. I hate others.
  • I love that we see faith in action. We see servants stepping up. We see stories of good besting evil.
  • I hate that I see some of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ try to shove theology into the conversation so soon. Here’s an idea, Love first. They will know you follow Christ by your Love. Serve. Do what ever you can to lend a hand to those who need. For those geographically separated, serving can be difficult, but find a way. Be prepared to tell your Story to those who need to know what it is that gives you the hope in times like this.

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