Bible in 90 Days | Matthew 27 – Mark 9: Day 73

Not sure why I didn’t just go ahead and try to finish Matthew yesterday. Oh well. Let’s get to it.

I’m trying my best to finish reading the Bible through in 90 days. Maybe not 90 consecutive days… but 90 days none the less. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Matthew 27

Jesus is delivered to Pilate. Jesus never answered. Not once. Pilate was amazed at his “non-response.” He is even more surprised that the people who have crowded choose Barabbas to be released from prison and punishment.

Jesus is crucified. The text of the Bible do not come close to describing the horror that took place.

He is mocked and laughed at before death by the soldiers. After he dies and after earthquakes and darkness and bodies being raised from the ground… The centurian who was watching it all isn’t laughing anymore. He is filled with AWE and admits that “truly, this was the Son of God.”

Jesus is buried. There is a guard put in place.

Matthew 28

After the Sabbath, three days later, Jesus is resurrected. Jesus greeted the women who had come to tomb. Women are the first to see him.

Matthew ends abruptly with the disciples and Jesus on a mountain in Galilee. He tells them that authority is given to them and that they are to go into all the world. Make disciples of all. Baptize them. Teach them to observe/obey Jesus’ teaching. He also tells them that He is with them forever.

Mark 1

Mark begins in the midst of the story. John the Baptist and Jesus are already alive. John is proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. He baptizes Jesus. Jesus is immediately taken into the wilderness where he undergoes physical temptation from Satan. Jesus does not fail. He starts his ministry and calls disciples to follow Him.

Jesus teaches and heals with authority that the scribes do not have. He amazes crowds.

Mark 2

Jesus heals and the scribes just sit there thinking that he is blaspheming God.

He continues to call disciples to Him. Levi (the tax collector) is called. The Pharisees can’t believe it. Jesus simply says that He came not for the righteous but for sinners.

Jesus is questioned… and yet he turns around and asks his own questions.

Mark 3

Crowds are following Jesus and the disciples (apostles.) There are 12 now. When asked if Jesus has time for his Mother and Brothers… Jesus tells them that those who are doing the will of God are his family.

Mark 4

Jesus teaches a parable about a sower. He uses parables to explain to his disciples truth. To some, the parables would be void of meaning… to others, they would be crystal clear.

Later Jesus commands with authority a storm. This storm is like a parable. Sometimes we need to experience the storms before calm can happen.

Mark 5

Jesus heals a man who has a demon. This man suffered long with the demon. It is a reminder to us that we can not ignore those who cry out to us. We must have compassion on them as we were given compassion. After Jesus heals the man, the disciples and Jesus get in a boat to leave. The man goes on mission to tell anyone and everyone he can about his healing and the man who healed him.

Jairus came and asked Jesus to heal his daughter. He asked publicly  Jesus healed the daughter privately. Another woman comes to Jesus privately seeking healing. She is publicly healed.

Mark 6

Jesus is rejected in his home of Nazareth. Jesus sends out the 12 Apostles to use the authority that they have to proclaim repentance to the world. The 12 were sent 2 by 2. I have a note I wrote in my Bible that says says it was 6 teams that went to 204 cities. If they averaged a week per city… this would be 9 months work.

John the Baptist is killed.

Jesus feeds the 5 thousand. Amazing miracle. He walks on water. Even more amazing? He controls the winds and storms.

Where ever they went, sick were brought to him for healing. Since he is not dead and is still alive… we should still bring sick to him. Since he is with us, we can introduce them to Him at anytime.

Mark 7 – 8

The Pharisees start this chapter debating traditions and commandments with Jesus. In the next chapter, They end want to see a sign that He is who He says He is. He performs SO MANY signs and miracles during his earthly ministry. Ugh. Clueless generation for sure.

Mark 9

More healing. There is a great interaction with Him and a father of a child who is healed. After the healing… the father pleas with Jesus, “I believe; help my unbelief.”

Jesus is transfigured in front of them… yet they still argue about who will be greater in Heaven.

They are told to not stop anyone who does mighty works in His name. For the one who is not against us is for us.

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