Bible in 90 Days | Luke 1 – 9: Day 75

Luke, the person has to be a very interesting guy. He’d be a fun guy to hang out with and bounce questions off of. If he had a Twitter account at the time, he’d have a Klout score of 90+. He wasn’t one of the 12 Apostles, but had to be a guy on the inside. He witnessed a lot of what is documented in the New Testament, but also investigated and researched much of it.

I’m trying my best to finish reading the Bible through in 90 days. Maybe not 90 consecutive days… but 90 days none the less. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

Luke 1

Theophilus must have been a friend and someone of influence who Luke respected. They probably had a lot of ideas that were not shared between the two, but there had to be a level of respect shared. They probably both loved history and current events.

Luke writes both the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts to Theophilus as a record of his research about all things that had taken place. He researched it with extreme detail.

Learned of the details that led up to John the Baptist being born. Perhaps he heard the tales of John being compared to Elijah and knowing his history figured that there was an amazing story from his parents. Thus the Zechariah and Elizabeth story.

We also have the well known Christmas story through Luke. He had to have spoken with Mary and family members who knew of truth of Jesus’ birth. He details the prophecies and shows how when God makes a promise… he keeps it. Nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 2

The birth of Jesus. The shepherds, angels, wisemen, Mary, Joseph, the Inn, the manger. Bethlehem. God had been quiet for 400 years and now it was time for salvation to be seen. Light and revelation would be felt. When Jesus showed up, he wasted no time in letting his parents know that he would be found in his Father’s house preparing for his earthly ministry.

Luke 3

John the Baptist is at work. He is calling people from sin to God through faith.

Jesus’s mission = find missing people and make disciples.

Luke 4

Jesus undergoes temptation from Satan. This version from Luke has more details than the other versions… You gotta wonder who Luke got these details from. It probably was not Jesus and I can’t imagine Satan sat down with him and debriefed Luke on the encounter. Had to have been divine revelation but reinforced through conversations with the disciples and followers.

Luke 5

Peter hears the word of God. From God. Wow. He wisely responds “At your word” I will do what you want me to do. Wow.

Peter is called and he realizes that Jesus cares about him. He realizes that he could go and catch… not just fish.

They left everything to follow him on mission.

Paralytic leaves everything that he had known.

Levi leaves everything he had known.

Pharisees just don’t get it. They are unwilling to leave all that they KNOW.

Luke 6

The 12 apostles were an odd bunch. You had guys from all backgrounds, beliefs, states of life and standing… They came together in unity with a leader who led. They followed.

Jesus’ teachings directly contradicted culture. They were metaphors yet literal. They were paradoxes. They were heavy yet freeing. They were direct and personal but needed by all. He was the Rock that we all need to understand any of it and weather any storm in life.

Luke 7

The centurion has amazing faith. Jesus even admits it. How did some people totally see and get the miracles that he performed yet others were blinded to who he was. Who he said he was. His actions proclaimed the truth.

Luke 8

A chapter later, the disciples… the very people with him are in a boat and scared for their safety. Jesus calms the storm and he asks them “Where is your faith?” Wonder if the centurion, if on the boat, would have put them in their place. They were so close, yet so far away from the truth.

Luke 9

Jesus then sends these faithless guys our 2×2 to proclaim the gospel. They had to learn that they must die to themselves and follow him daily.

While other people reject Him, they must remain firm. The cost of following him is high, but there is no other way.


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