What is Pressgram?

Hey Marcy Bowden (and all) – You asked what Pressgram is. Let me explain. (BTW, apparently my pics that I shared here on facebook have disappeared for the moment… I’m looking for them. This to me is HUGE indication of exactly what the problem is that Pressgram solves.

pressgramInstagram, which is owned by Facebook, is all about getting your content on their platform. They want and NEED you to come and like/comment/share YOUR content on THEIR platform. The terms of service that you agree to actually states that YOUR content becomes THEIR content to do with what they want.

WIll they sell your pics? Probably not. Frankly, there are much bigger users out there that they will find more exciting pics. Either way, they are selling ads based upon YOU. Your pics… YOUR content gets people to THEIR platform, where they then turn around and push ads at everyone who comes there.

For those of us who own our own websites and really want to build community around our personal or business brands, this is awful. What if we could own ALL the content on our platform and just USE their platform to drive traffic to OUR platform.

Content is king. Pictures are a HUGE way to drive traffic. Think of your own search habits. How often do you open google, key in a search word, and click “images”? Then when you find the image you want, you actually go to the site.

Pressgram is FREE and aims at always being FREE. There may be some purchasing of plugins that can integrate with WordPress blogs, buying SWAG… But it is aimed at being free for use… and it’s CORE belief is that those pictures… that content should be YOURS!

The app (which is only iOS at this point) is made for optimizing those pictures with metadata and content that will make that picture really work on your site, but again, at its core is you owning total control of your pictures. Share it if you want, keep it yours if you want, have a place where friends and family can see, like, comment. The community is yours.

The app has a share with facebook and twitter, but that does not mean that Facebook is gonna like it. This is a revolution. They paid a billion dollars to own that little instagram app and they plan on banking from it somehow.

If you’d like, you can read more about it here: http://pressgr.am/about/

And then you can join the revolution too.

I’ll probably copy and paste this post into my blog (which unfortunately I have not used much personally lately.) Just in case Facebook doesn’t like it 🙂

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