No Promises

How many times have I started something only to fail in the middle. What you see before you is the second, third, fourth, fifth… who knows how many attempt to have a blog (do they still call them that?) that I can push my thoughts.

I promise that I will not promise to write more.

I promise that I will not promise to write more.

I could blame time as my main reason for failing. That’s lame. I work extremely hard, but I also watch A LOT of reality TV and frankly, I could hit the publish button plenty of times while watching any number of those shows. I

I could blame work (whether that be my day job or my hustle job.) That’s lame. I’m always working through ideas and tasks and projects for my day job. I love what I do and want to see Howard Brothers do even more. I want to take on new niches and I want to dominate online awareness of them. I want to create branding that sticks and create fanatics of our company. I could blame my hustle job which at this point is very important to me, and I should be doing more Wingspan Marketing work, but I can’t even blame that for my lack of personal writing.

I could blame ‘professional’ bloggers for extinguishing my fire. That’s lame. Even though everyone has a better way to create workflow and hit the publish button… even though every one of them has a different ‘best practice’ for categories and tags and themes and plugins and personal branding… who cares. The idea is to write. Get the stuff in your head OUT of your head.

I could blame analytics and lack of readers in the past. REALLY LAME. Don’t get caught up with that.

I could blame getting on a regular schedule where I write and drop a post everyday. Lame-o. Just write.

If you ARE reading this. Be warned. No Promises. There is no particular niche I’ll write about. I’m going back to the basics. This is for me. Not for you. Hopefully along the way, It will ignite a few passions. Who knows.

But no promises for that either.

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