Nothing is More Important

A few weeks ago, in a moment of selfishness, I posted the following to Facebook:

I’m gonna keep it real… it is really tough some Sundays and I often feel disjointed from the rest of Cross Pointe Church, but I love serving in CPKidz. There is nothing more important than teaching our children truth from God’s Word, teaching them how to worship and showing them Jesus. We need singers, storytellers, leaders, behind the scenes production folk, creatives, servant hearts, prayer warriors, people who like to have fun… Don’t wait for the invite on Planning Center… Come serve with me!

Today, I had one of those moments where I realized how wrong I was.

man-bibleI still believe that there is nothing more important than teaching our children truth from God’s Word.

But I also think that teaching them how to worship is pretty important.

But I also think our own personal worship time is pretty dang important too. God wants OUR worship. Not just worship from others.

But He also wants us to shut everything down at times and just sabbath in Him. He wants our attention in those whisper like moments. He wants no distraction and total attention.  That’s worship, by the way!

But back to teaching… I realized that teaching isn’t just a curriculum and bottom line that we focus on each week. I also realized that hanging out with our special needs kids and letting them see Jesus through us is as important as all this other stuff. They’re learning in ways that we don’t understand. At times, it doesn’t seem like anything is sticking, but God is using our service to speak into their hearts.

But later, I realized that checking in the kids who were going to their small groups was more important than all the above. Their service is as important as any teaching role we have in the church.

Then I realized that the guy who voices the monkey puppet for our preschoolers was more important than my service. He has the same struggles as I have and serves God with all his heart each week.

But then, as I was driving off campus, I realized that the guys who are in the parking lot week after week after week serve a more important role than the rest of us.

After I got home, and had a few moments to myself, I realized that God is more important than my service. My relationship with Him is all He really wants. He doesn’t NEED my talents. He doesn’t NEED my money.

He WANTS my obedience and he WANTS my ‘now.’ 

I spent the rest of the day alone. It’s been a very silent day of me just praying and thinking about my relationship with God. I’ve needed a day like this for a LONG time. I needed to re-calibrate some things in my own life. I needed to wrestle with a few issues. Here’s a few takeaways:

  1. I need do this more often. I need to get away from it all and be still.
  2. I need to focus on my personal worship with my Creator.
  3. I need to get back into the Word. It is still our best way to hear God talking to us.

Even though I have read through the Bible many times, I don’t think that I’ve ever taken a conscious effort to read it while focusing on the importance of personal worship.

Noah was told to build a box (let’s not kid ourselves, Noah wasn’t a master builder. Even though he had 120 years or so, the fancy ark that we all visualize was probably more a of box.) He had no idea what God was gonna do with that box. At first, he probably didn’t know what all the decks and rooms were being built for. He just knew that God asked him to do something. He did. Completely.

And through his work, he worshipped God at EVERY moment. His obedience was his worship.

Nothing is more important than my worship to him.

Through my worship I obey the one who created me, paid my sin penalty, had patience with me, forgave me, showers me with abundance that I can never repay.

All He wants is my NOW. Nothing more.



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