Kidney Stones – The Reason to Drink Less Dew?

So, I got Kidney Stones over this past weekend.

Anyone who knows me, and there have been a bunch of them who’ve given me their advice, was that I should stop drinking as much Mountain Dew as I do.


Yeah, I thought it too as I was sitting in the fetal position at Gwinnett Medical Center, Duluth… I thought that perhaps I had seen my last Dew, but saying that I’ll never have another Mountain Dew is impractible and probably not true. 

What I need to do is just limit. Limit all sodas. Drink more water in general. Look at my diet as a whole and see ways that can just make me healthier. 


This incident has made me a little more aware of my health. I’m not yet 40, but heading that direction… Why would I ignore any signs of what goes in is important to my long term health.


So, I’ll be less likely to pick up a can or bottle of Mountain Dew and more likely to drink water instead, but from all I see online, the myths around what causes Kidney Stones are great. 


And the other thing, is I have had so many conversations with folks who have had Kidney Stones. Many of them had them once… years ago, and have not since. When I personalize the experience, I realize that it is just one of those things that happen. That being said, I will take this and concentrate on some lifestyle changes that will make me healtier overall.


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