See You Tomorrow!

There’s a new coffee shop in downtown Duluth called Espresso Theory. I stopped by yesterday to check it out and to get some work done. The first time I drove past and saw the sign outside, I didn’t expect much. The location is kinda weird, but one step inside, I realized that this place is gonna be great.

Espress Theory Coffee - Duluth

Espress Theory Coffee – Duluth

I’ve had a very brief introduction to the owners, John and Steve. I actually ran into Steve this morning at Howard Brothers. He’s been getting supplies from the Hardware store. It is so nice when local businesses support local businesses. Both he and John seem to be very nice guys and I can only imagine the challenges and stress that they’ve had getting the shop up and running.

The inside is incredible. You can tell that interior design and layout of the shop was strongly considered with Espresso Theory. I love the variety of sitting areas and even tables and chairs. It will be perfect for going in and relaxing/working/alone/with others.

And the coffee was great too!

As I was working at the coffee shop, I heard Steve speak this phrase to everyone as they were leaving the shop:

See You Tomorrow!

It is such a simple phrase that he’s uttering, but behind those three words, you can hear the authenticity and joy that he has doing what he’s doing.

Many businesses have a “catch phrase” that will become part of the culture of the business. Chick Fil A is well known for saying “my pleasure” to nearly every interaction with one of their customers. It’s interesting to go to other businesses and hear them use that phrase. What Steve is not a new strategy (I hate to call it that) because I have heard many other small businesses say “see you tomorrow,” but hearing him use it multiple times stuck with me.

Business owners are often scorned for enjoying success and profit, but most small business owners that I meet are in business because they are passionate about what they do AND they REALLY DO enjoy their customers. They just enjoy encountering the customers on a daily (or as often as possible) basis.

Good job, Steve. You won me as a fan of what you do. I’ll tell others about you and Espresso Theory. Welcome to Duluth. I hope to see y’all continue to succeed and

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