Was Jefferson the first Supersized President of the United States?

Cheese for the people whitehousehistory.org

Cheese for the people whitehousehistory.org

I like to check out History.com on a fairly regular basis and read the “on this day in history” section of their site. I actually have a few clients who I look out for relevant content, which I could turn into a blog post or social media fodder.

Today this title caught my eye:

Jefferson presented with a “mammoth loaf” of bread – 1804

I go on read that:

Two years earlier, a group of Baptist women from Massachusetts had sent Jefferson a 1,200- pound hunk of cheese in gratitude for his support of religious tolerance.

That’s a big hunk o’ cheese!

It goes on to talk about the fact that a Woolly Mammoth skeleton was found in upstate New York in 1801, and Thomas Jefferson was interested in it and started helping to raise money for an archaeological project. Apparently some of the federalist boys weren’t big fans of this (just more proof that opposing politicians have always been looking for ways to attack) and they made fun of the endeavor.

But what about the cheese?

It seems that our young nation ended up being a fan of all things mammoth (thanks to the cheese and the skeleton.) Small businesses in this new land of opportunity started selling ‘mammoth’ sized products. Yes… the first Big Gulp Slushy, Big Mac and Supersized Fry can be traced back to the mammoth block of cheese.

Jefferson, who historically used parties to woo favor and get people on his side (yes… no different from today’s politicians) decided to throw a party to raise support for war.

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