Reel Grace – Lay Down the Law

Romans 7:1-25


Trying to get caught up on ‪#‎reelgrace‬ sermons from @jgmerritt – It has been great series. ‪#‎sketchnotes‬

I really liked the visual that was made between Paul’s almost schizophrenic emotion that is found in Romans 7:15-20 to that of Frodo being controlled by the ring. He knows what he should do, but doesn’t. He knows he should get rid of the evil that is in the ring, but it controls him and he does what he hates.

I also enjoyed the peek into the next sermon that will cover Romans 8. The law of sin is replaced by the law of the Spirit. The Law reveals sin, but the Law of the Spirit will set us free from the law of sin and death.




Bible in 90 #Fail.

Well… I failed. No chance of getting back to finishing this thing in 90 days. Stinks too, because I had great momentum. Very aggressive schedule and ambitious goal of writing my way through the 66 books of the Bible.

And I stalled out on day 66.


A Bacon Ipsum Only Post

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Just seeing who is reading 🙂

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Whatever Happened to the United States Space Program?

Honestly, there isn’t enough room on this blog to start to answer this question. Hopefully, one day, my kids will be able to see a launch at Kennedy of some kind that involves human space flight. Thankfully we do have commercial flight making up some of the lost time that was forced upon us by politicians who have no clue.

I just got thinking about this today. It is sad to me that we have two major tragedies that impacted United States Space Flight that will be remembered this week, but manned space flight has been put on a temporary hold it seems at NASA.

Even More Silly Advertising on Facebook

I think that I’ve found a new hobby. I’ve found that I like to critique and comment on Facebook Advertising. Check out this post that I started it all and the follow up a few days later.

For this one, I am gonna look at some ads that have been produced by my christian brothers and sisters… I assume they’re christian… Who knows.

Here they are: