Was Jefferson the first Supersized President of the United States?

Cheese for the people whitehousehistory.org

Cheese for the people whitehousehistory.org

I like to check out History.com on a fairly regular basis and read the “on this day in history” section of their site. I actually have a few clients who I look out for relevant content, which I could turn into a blog post or social media fodder.

Today this title caught my eye:

Jefferson presented with a “mammoth loaf” of bread – 1804

I go on read that:

Two years earlier, a group of Baptist women from Massachusetts had sent Jefferson a 1,200- pound hunk of cheese in gratitude for his support of religious tolerance.

That’s a big hunk o’ cheese!

Bible in 90 Days | Proverbs 8 – 20: Day 47

God has some pretty high standards, doesn’t he? There are many that think the standards that he has defined are unfair or not relevant to today’s time, but the fact is, at the core of our conscious  he has placed his standard on our heart. We know it without having to be told it. The law that God gave was to teach us what we already knew to be true.

Similar to the law, Proverbs has a lot of practical wisdom, right? The funny thing is, at our core, we probably know all that Proverbs has to tell us. It warns us against leaving the straight and narrow path that God has created for us to follow. It calls us to be wise and know that God is able to lead us to him. We all fall short though and as soon as our foot gets off the path, we have to repent and come back to God’s way. In that, Proverbs acts as a reminder that the wise will remain in the center of the way that God has prepared for us.

I’m reading the Bible through in 90 days. Join me. Click here for more information on the ESV Bible in 90 day plan that I am doing.

A Bacon Ipsum Only Post

Awesome Bacon IpsumBacon ipsum dolor sit amet pig frankfurter ball tip brisket kielbasa biltong, tail tongue ham hock ribeye ham jowl meatloaf flank swine. Shankle frankfurter prosciutto kielbasa, pork pork chop tongue shank hamburger turkey andouille salami. Short loin capicola chicken, bacon brisket bresaola tri-tip tongue drumstick cow jerky. Venison hamburger chicken, sausage jowl biltong pork belly ribeye. Bresaola pork doner jerky t-bone ham hock. Pork belly pork chop jowl, salami swine ham meatloaf kielbasa ribeye shank boudin pork loin turkey.

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Cow tenderloin strip steak prosciutto shoulder turducken hamburger t-bone filet mignon bresaola flank spare ribs ham venison. Ribeye fatback capicola cow pork frankfurter tri-tip strip steak. Pork pork belly ham hock chuck sausage, bresaola beef sirloin pig pork chop leberkas tail venison. Meatball venison spare ribs biltong beef meatloaf.




Just seeing who is reading 🙂

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What is the Best Money You Ever Spent in Your Life?

This past weekend I was at a Motorcycle Show manning a Howard Brothers booth. It was actually one of the more interesting weekends I have had in a while. I am most definitely a people watcher. I guess that is why some of the more crazy reality TV shows that are on right now are saved as season passes on my Tivo. There’s just something interesting about observing other sub-cultures that I definitely don’t fit into.

The Year of X at Cross Pointe Church

Tomorrow kicks off a new year at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth. We as a family are so happy that God led us there. The folks who we have met are icing on the cake to the teaching and worship that takes place there every week. The church seems to be more purposeful about every aspect than any church I have ever been a part. The missions focus is evident all over.