One (of the many) Ways that I have Failed as a Christian

I gotta pull the curtain back on something that I know is indicative of the failure that I have been as a christian.

I don’t pray for our President and his family enough.

(Side Note: I wrote most of this post this morning before any of the tweet wars started between folks I follow on twitter (looking at you @shaunking and @PastorMark)

I’m following @paulsalopek and @outofedenwalk

You should too.What an incredible way to spend 7 years!

Have you heard this story?  If you thought the Felix Baumgartner jumping out of a balloon from the edge of space was crazy, read this.

Salopek on Thursday departed a small Ethiopian village and took the first steps of a planned 21,000-mile (34,000-kilometer) walk that will cross some 30 borders, where he will encounter dozens of languages and scores of ethnic groups. The 50-year-old’s quest is to retrace man’s first migration from Africa across the world in a go-slow journey that will force him to immerse himself in a variety of cultures so he can tell a global mosaic of people stories.

The Ethiopia-to-Chile walk — which took human ancestors some 50,000 years to make — is called Out of Eden and is sponsored by National Geographic, the Knight Foundation and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, the American plans to write one major article a year with periodic updates every 100 miles or so.

Believe what you may about the origins of man and God’s role in our existence, Salopek is doing something that no one has done before. He will experience humanity and see places in a completely different way than anyone will.

What an awesome story to follow. I’m gonna be following this dude. Who knows… We may not even have twitter in 7 years. We may have some other completely crazy way to communicate.

@paulsalopek and @outofedenwalk