The Year of X at Cross Pointe Church

Tomorrow kicks off a new year at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth. We as a family are so happy that God led us there. The folks who we have met are icing on the cake to the teaching and worship that takes place there every week. The church seems to be more purposeful about every aspect than any church I have ever been a part. The missions focus is evident all over.

Reboot Just Upgraded to WordPress 3.5!

Since I am not as cool as @benrwoodard, I will be updating each of the WordPress sites that I help manage for various people one at a time. Maybe one day I will graduate to the real world and get my sites up and running on ManageWP. Maybe then, they’ll send me a shirt too. By the way, I actually have a paid account with them… just need to find time to set up those sites 🙂